REBRANDING made easy.

Updating and refreshing a business brand does not have to be a big, long, expensive marketing project if it’s broken down into small deliberate steps and good designers are on the task.

Here are two recent small business rebrands from Constellation Marketing Group:


For a small business, like Healthcare Compliance, the first step was updating the logo.  Constellation Creative Director Veronica Nelson interviewed the client before designing several options of a new logo to choose from.  After fine-tuning the selected option, Veronica provided the client with a logo kit folder of files in different formats along with a simple brand guide that defines font, colors and other basic design rules of the new logo.  Now, anytime one of the client’s vendors or sponsor partners asks for a logo, she can simply send them the logo kit and the brand guide

Designing the logo also determined the basics of the overall new business brand.   The logo’s colors, fonts and style will carry forward to a new website being developed by Constellation member UpLink Spyder.   New business cards, letterhead and other materials will also follow the style determined by the new logo.

NEW Logo…

that replaced OLD Logo…


Prairie Road Automotive wanted to evolve their old logo into a newer and cleaner design. It was important to keep a few characteristics of the old logo like the red and black color pallet and the road image.

With those parameters, design work started on a set of variations to consider. Once the client selected the new logo, it was a simple process of refining the design, organizing a logo kit, and preparing an easy-to-understand 4-page style guide. Because the style guide for the logo defined fonts and colors, it was easy for the client to update their website, business cards, clothing and other marketing materials with the consistent look of the new brand. 

NEW Logo…

that replaced OLD Logo…