Constellation Marketing Group Wins National Telly Award for Lane County Fair Television Commercial

Constellation Marketing Group and Attic Media Video Production recently received a 2019 Bronze Telly Award for the 2018 television commercial titled “Find Your Fun.”

The television ad was part of a comprehensive creative campaign where consistent headlines, photos, design, graphics, music, and voice talent were applied to all traditional and digital media assets, including:

  • Television commercials
  • Radio commercials
  • Hispanic radio
  • Pandora audio commercials and digital banners
  • Spotify audio commercials and digital banners
  • Google display banners
  • Facebook and Instagram display banners and copy
  • Outdoor billboards
  • Transit bus advertisements
  • KLCC NPR radio underwriting
  • Radio and Television sponsorship and billboard copy
  • Ferry Street Bridge and Lane County Fair pole banners
  • Lane County Fair website

Short Timeframe Marketing

A short timeframe campaign for an event like the Lane County Fair requires a multi-media advertising plan that reaches the public many different ways on a daily basis for the two weeks before the event. All assets must look and sound similar to best benefit from the compounding effect of using many different media channels. For example, television and radio use the same copy, voice talent, and music. Similarly, the visuals and headlines of the television match the billboards and digital banner ads. Everything is consistent across all creative avenues to build a strong brand and presence.


Months before the campaign started, the message development process began. The first step was the plan of creating and using elements that easily cross over to the different media channels. So, instead of using moving video for TV, the creative featured cut-out photos that were slightly animated for TV. These photos easily applied to billboards as still images.

Expertise Leads to Success

Constellation’s team made sure all elements worked for each type of creative. Visual designers collaborated with television editors. Radio copy writing included short sentences that comfortably worked as billboard headlines. The same bright colors used on digital banner ads also work well for transit advertising. Due to everyone involved being an experienced professional in their respective creative field, it was not only a successful multi-media campaign, but a single asset like a television commercial was also worthy of earning a national Telly Award individually.

Telly Award-Winning Video